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distorted flashbacks

like lip prints on my collar

8 May
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I'm Kat, a music-obsessed teenage girl from Kent, currently living in Reading and studying English Literature at uni. I'm arrogant, articulate, obtuse, intriguing and overly emotional; I spend too much, save too little, speak my mind and value honesty above tact, which I lack to begin with.
absinthe, air kisses, alan rickman, alcohol, androgyny, angel, angelina jolie, art, believing, best mates, big hair, billy corgan, bisexuality, biting, black eyeliner, books, boys in eyeliner, boys with guitars, breakneck heels, brian molko, brody dalle, buffy, burning things, canon, catholicism, cats, cheesecake, chocolate, cigarette burns, cigarettes, concerts, courtney love, creativity, death eaters, draco malfoy, dragons, drawing, dreaming, drinking, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, elizabeth taylor tendencies, english, existentialism, eyeliner, faghagging, faith, fan fiction, fanfics, fantasy, fashion, festivals, film noir, fitz/fool, fresh flowers, friends, full moons, green eyes, guitars, handwritten letters, harry potter, hole, horror films, hp fanfics, hunter s. thompson, ice cream, imagination, indie, insanity, intelligence, irony, jack and karen, jack daniels, jack white, jeanette winterson, johnny depp, kisses, legends, lestat, letters, live music, love, makeup, marilyn manson, meg white, metal, movies, music, mwpp, myths, narcissism, neon blue hair, nofx, originality, oscar wilde, parties, photography, pirates, placebo, poetry, public transport, punk, quentin tarantino, quoting lyrics, radiohead, rain, reading, red, religion, rings, robin hobb, rock, safety pins, seedy bars, selling out, sex and the city, shakespeare, shouting, sirius x remus, sleeping, smallville, smashing pumpkins, smoking, stories, talking, terry pratchett, the caps lock key, the dreaded spork, the strokes, the white stripes, the zodiac, thom yorke, thrift shops, thunderstorms, tim burton, tin, twt, vampires, vanity, velvet, ville valo, writing